A few articles to get an idea of who Colby is and why he loves to paint


Memories of Home - 15 Bytes/2018

Sanford wanted to revisit and explore the farm before it was sold. He also wanted to resolve the conflict he noticed about his recollections of Maine. He had spent summers there while growing up, and felt that there was a discrepancy between his memories and the actual farm..


“Remembering Home” - Kelly Skeen, Meyer/2018

Colby Sanford’s contemporary figurative paintings reveal shared intimacies between family, lovers, friends and introspective individuals. Casual snapshots from the artist’s everyday life translate onto his panels as nostalgic and bittersweet moments in subtle colors and loose brushstrokes..


Religious Art - Krakens/2015

It has always been my dream to be able to support my family through my painting. A dream that my sweet wife has helped me realize is possible more than anybody. I just had to jump in. There was one point in China that I had this huge pile of completed paintings and not really enough space to put it all in our tiny China “apartment”. (I use quotes because we didn’t even have a kitchen–a hot plate on a card table is not a kitchen!) 


Everyday Small Things - Heirloom Art Co./2017

It’s not so much big obstacles that needed overcoming but more every day small things: It’s getting up early and carving out time during the day. Making sure that deadlines are clear and that I give myself enough time to create freely for them. Just plain communicating with those around me. Keeping at it consistently over the years.